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Bernadette Innes - Director
Bernadette Innes

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Carmel Brown - Director
Carmel Brown

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Belinda Fyffe - Senior HR Strategist
Belinda Fyffe
Senior HR Strategist

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Cate Lancashire – Senior HR Strategist
Cate Lancashire
Senior HR Strategist

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Linda Redfearn - Senior HR Strategist
Linda Redfearn
Senior HR Strategist

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Jemma O’Connor – Recruitment Specialist
Jemma O’Connor
Recruitment Specialist

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Matt Fyffe
Matt Fyffe
Administration Support

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Our Vision is to ensure a strategic holistic approach and specialise in understanding people, improving performance, increasing results and providing peace of mind.

We are passionate professionals who love what we do and put people first. An inspired and trained team with high morale, strong teamwork and shared goals which will take a business from mediocrity to the stars.

An award-winning leader in assisting employers requiring HR and recruitment services, as well as supporting job applicants, through to outplacements.


At The Proven Group our Mission is to empower businesses to create harmonious and productive work environments. We strive to be the cornerstone in assisting you to build great workplaces by outsourcing our extensive and specialised expertise in Human Resources. We provide training for businesses in Leadership and Management, as well as help individuals navigate their career, whilst connecting great talent with great businesses.

The Proven Group has been structured to accommodate employer concerns and many more. Our highly experienced HR Strategists, together with our accomplished Associate Partners have an extended skillset capable of identifying organisational deficiencies, forecasting trouble areas, improving staff retention and boosting engagement, productivity and profitability. It all stems from conducting a Needs Analysis. This identifies areas requiring attention and culminates in establishing a dynamic pathway towards improvement.

Bringing all this together for employers always excites us, as we know your organisation will soon be flourishing once you have engaged the services of the TPG team. “Great people Better results”.

The Proven Group spans across three generations and is a family owned business that provides award-winning Human Resources (HR), Recruitment and Resume writing services to job seekers and employers in Ballarat, Geelong and all suburbs across Melbourne. With an unmatched reputation for excellence in their fields of expertise, the team at The Proven Group consistently achieves results for job seekers and employers. If you are looking for the only award winning resume writing business in Australia, then look no further.

If you need assistance in HR, Recruitment or Resume writing call one of our friendly staff on 1300 312 502. Call today.

  • Recruitment
  • Position Descriptions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • HR Audits
  • Business Health Check
  • Behavioural Profiling (DISC)
  • Employee Contracts
  • Business Development and Coaching
  • Organisational Charts
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Leadership at Work Workshops
  • General Document Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Key Selection Criteria
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Interview Coaching

Our Awards

The Proven Group have a team of highly experienced and award-winning resume writers who support job seekers and employers in providing a wide range of customised, targeted and professional services to ensure the best outcomes for their clients. Our services range from HR, Recruitment and assistance with job applications which can include a Resume, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria, LinkedIn Profile and Interview Coaching. Our personalised service and attention to detail has resulted in The Proven Group being the winner of multiple business awards. This is our POD (Point of Difference) and that’s why we have the competitive advantage over other like businesses.

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