Cate SchreckTraining Facilitator Extraordinaire

Cate Schreck – Instructional Designer & Training Facilitator

Cate forms part of our highly skilled and experienced team of facilitators and is a highly sought-after workplace trainer who has the rare ability of creating and delivering training programs that leave attendees feeling valued, respected, educated, and inspired. Since 2010, Cate has been designing and delivering customer service and teamwork training programs for frontline staff in businesses across Australia and New Zealand including… 

  • GJ Gardner Homes 
  • Back In Motion Health Group 
  • Flood Restoration Australia 
  • Give Where You Live Foundation 
  • Geelong and Wimmera Regional Library Corporations 
  • MAB Corporation 
  • Rural and Metropolitan Water Organisations 
  • 200+ Victorian Government Schools (For Education Support Staff) 

Cate has 30+ years’ experience working with, managing, and training staff in frontline customer service roles and holds qualifications in Business (Frontline Management), Training and Assessment, V.E.T (Disability), Mental Health Social Solutions and Counselling and is an Accredited DISC Assessor & Facilitator.  

Cate believes and her attendees and their Managers agree, frontline staff benefit from time out; time out to refresh their skills, reflect on their challenges and celebrate their wins. If you want your business to gain a remarkable reputation, then give your frontline what they need to shine – the skills to become Customer Service Professionals.    

Instructional Design: A Systematic Approach to Effective Learning

Instructional design is the practice of utilizing a deep understanding of how people learn to create effective educational experiences that meet specific learning needs. By considering learning sequences and strategies, instructional designers are able to deliver high-quality, engaging learning experiences.
Meet Our Instructional Designer: Cate – A Learning Expert
At The Proven Group, our Instructional Designer is more than just a developer of learning programs, Cate is a learning expert who leverages their knowledge of the principles of learning and instruction to support skills development, knowledge acquisition, and behaviour change.
Cate is dedicated to finding the most effective, appealing, and cost-effective solutions for your learning needs. They analyse the capability gap, task, target audience learning needs, and learning environment to create customised educational experiences that meet your unique goals.
By clearly defining learning objectives and selecting appropriate learning strategies, Cate is able to effectively sequence content to meet your needs. Their decisions are based on a combination of proven learning theories and practical experience, ensuring that your learning experience is both effective and enjoyable.
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