Upskilling & Training 
in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne

For an organisation to outperform its competitors, its employees
need to live the desired culture and buy into the vision while working
in a harmonious workplace.

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Our team loves building great workplaces by coaching, advising, implementing and training businesses in Human Resources, Leadership and Management.

These Training Programs are delivered in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.

Making Your People More Effective

Nurturing your team’s growth both personally and professionally will improve their performance.

Are you concerned about performance or behaviour issues within your team? These are the most common concerns business owners have and where we come in.

The Proven Group understands that for most businesses, engaged, focused and energetic people are central to success. Every leader/manager can feel when everything is aligned – and when it’s not.

Our professional organisational development services and programs can assist your organisation to maintain that healthy balance of vision, purpose, productivity and performance.

Leadership at Work Course


Leadership and management are two very different (complementary) skillsets that are crucial for people in supervisory and leadership roles to possess if they are to safely guide their teams to the expected destination.

The Leadership At Work team are excited to offer newly appointed and experienced Managers the opportunity to establish (and reaffirm) these skills within a series of single day professional development sessions.

Each session incorporates key learnings from the Leadership At Work course including a blend of theory and practical course-work that is the trademark style of our course delivery.


Day 1 – Understanding Leadership & Management

  • The role of the team leader and manager
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Day 2 – Creating & Communicating Performance Standards

  • Role Clarity
  • Performance Counselling
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management

Day 3 – Understanding & Managing Staff Behaviour

  • Using DISC to understanding behaviour
  • Using Behavioural profiles in Recruitment
  • Using DISC in the Performance Management process

 Day 4 – Conflict Resolution

  • Nature and causes of conflict
  • Conflict resolution Styles
  • The dialogue approach
  • Ten steps in conflict resolution

 Day 5 – Effective Team Meetings

  • Understanding & Creating Purpose
  • Planning and creating objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Leader
Contact us today to enrol in all 5 days or stand-alone days.  
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Here is what some of our participant’s had to say…

* Understanding (at last!) Emotional Intelligence. Excellent.

* I enjoyed the DISC Profile segment as it provided an insight into my personal behavioural preferences – particularly in a team environment.

* Good link between theory and practical application. Greater understanding of leadership/management roles. Action Plan to ensure I utilise and remember information gained. Linked to my workplace.

* Enjoyed all aspects of the course, the interaction between Belinda and participants and the level of openness of all participants.

* The whole aspect of preparing and running business more efficiently. How to maximise strengths of employees.

* Forced me to look outside the square on some issues. Leader/manager area was great.

* Really enjoyed it. So far, the best management course I’ve attended!

* Great course. Well done!

* Performance counselling – I have currently just had an employee quit but I think if I handled the situation better he might not have.

* The change process, because that is what my job involves the majority of the time.

* Very professional course – well delivered.

The Proven Group specialises in Upskilling & Training 
in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.

We have provided professional HR Solutions in the following industries.

  • Accounting
  • Administration & Office Support
  • Advertising
  • Arts and Media
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Call Centre & Customer Service
  • CEO & General Management
  • Community Services & Development
  • Construction
  • Consulting & Strategy
  • Design & Architecture
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Farming & Conservation
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Government & Council
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mining, Resources & Energy
  • Real Estate and Property
  • Retail
  • Science & Technology
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Trades & Services

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