Outplacement Services in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne

Soften the blow of downsizing by giving exiting employees the best chance of gaining new employment.

Our Valued Clients

Outplacement is when a business has to terminate some of its staff, but not because they want to – something has happened and they can no longer keep all of the team they once had.  One way to soften the blow is to offer a paid outplacement service.  This is where and external agency (such as The Proven Group) can meet one-on-one with those people exiting the business, and give their resume, cover letter and key selection criteria documentation a fresh revamp to increase their chances of gaining an interview.  Go through some interview coaching with them to again, increase their chances of getting the job, and even offer a DISC profile to help people who are mid-career and would like a change, but don’t know what to. 

There is a lot that you can do when someone is leaving your organisation through no fault of their own, to ensure they remember their employment with you in a positive way, and speak well of you in the community. 

The process that The Proven Group utilises is shown in this infographic below:

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