Career Development Training Courses

Are you looking for career development training that empowers and inspires you?

That’s where we can help!  Integrating horizontal and vertical learning is the key.

About the Career Development Training Courses

The Faculty of Career Development provides a range of training programs and resources to help individuals achieve their career goals. In today’s dynamic job market, it’s important for professionals to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate their careers successfully.

The Faculty’s training programs cover topics such as job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing,
networking, and interview preparation.

These courses provide practical guidance and tips to help individuals present themselves effectively and stand out in a crowded job market.

Additionally, the Faculty offers career coaching services to help individuals identify their strengths, interests, and goals and develop a personalised career plan. By partnering with the Faculty of Career Development, individuals can gain the tools and skills to succeed in their careers and achieve their professional

Explore our full range of Career Development Training Courses

  • Why are First Impressions Important?
  • How to make a Good First Impression – in person and online
  • What your clothes say about you
  • It’s not just your clothing that makes the first impression – look at your overall grooming as well
  • How to relax when you want to impress
  • Dress to Impress – Make a great first impression
  • The importance of body language – even online
  • Why you can have the power in the interview and not the interviewer
  • The importance of confidence
  • Using language to your best advantage
  • Being prepared
  • Understanding the difference between Pedagogy and Andragogy
  • The Principles of Adult Learning
  • Understanding and appropriately implementing Adult Learning Styles
  • Understanding VARK Modalities
  • Setting up the Learning Environment for Success
  • The difference between a Trainer and a Facilitator
  • Empowering Learners
  • What is Instructional Design?
  • Discussing Training needs with your potential client
  • How to Write a Lesson Plan from scratch
  • Quoting
  • How to find Clients
  • Building a Business around delivering Training
  • Understand what ADHD is and how it can impact workplace performance
  • Develop strategies to manage the ADHD condition and increase productivity at work
  • Improve time management and organisational skills
  • Learn techniques to reduce distractions and improve focus
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with colleagues
  • Build resilience and manage stress in the workplace
  • Increase job satisfaction and career success