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The Proven Group are proud to offer these Assessed Candidates to the local job market.

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The Proven Group are proud to be able to offer these pre-assessed candidates to the job market. See someone of interest?  Get in touch today!

Our exclusive Look No Further offer provides employers with peace of mind as all our pre-assessed candidates are interviewed, reference checked (2 x work referees) and police checked.

Highly Experienced and Collaborative Senior Leader

J is a highly experienced CEO and senior leader poised to embark on a new professional journey. With a diverse background spanning various sectors, including; manufacturing, technology, FMCG, agriculture, primary production, and recycling industries, J brings over 13 years of executive level experience to the table. While open to opportunities in any sector, J holds a particular interest in the agriculture field. 

Throughout his career, J has demonstrated exceptional expertise in creating and managing effective cultures, fostering values, and facilitating excellent communication within organizations. By championing these principles, he has successfully propelled organizational success and driven positive outcomes. J possesses a profound understanding of corporate governance, financial management, team leadership, and strategic planning and execution, leveraging these skills to guide organizations towards their goals. 

An innate and authentic communicator, J excels in corporate communications and stakeholder management. His ability to establish strong working relationships with various stakeholders has been instrumental in facilitating collaboration and achieving shared objectives. J also possesses a strategic mindset when it comes to managing change, recognizing the importance of both strategic and operational approaches to ensure successful transitions. 

With a comprehensive skill set encompassing government relations, sales management, ICT and business systems, and human resource management, J brings a holistic perspective to his leadership. He is known for his astute ability to identify and mitigate potential corporate risks in a timely manner, safeguarding the organization’s interests and ensuring long-term sustainability. 

J’s goal is to contribute to a collaborative and strategic organization where he can foster an excellent working relationship with the board. With his wealth of experience and multifaceted skill set, J is ready to embark on a new professional chapter, making a significant impact on an organization’s growth and success. 

To learn more about how ‘J’s astute leadership can steer your organization through its next phase, call 1300 312 502 and we would love to connect you! 

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Creative Leader Ready for a New Challenge

N is a versatile, creative and experienced professional with a strong background in education, leadership and project planning. They have held various leadership roles and have demonstrated the ability to work under pressure, communicate effectively with stakeholders and adapt to new situations and challenges. N is also a singer, songwriter, and musician with extensive experience in managing and promoting their music career.  

As a musician, radio producer and broadcaster, N has applied their exceptional creative writing, editing and proofreading skills to produce engaging and original content. N has organised and managed over 300 shows, including liaising with key stakeholders (musicians, venue operators, and members of the public), preparing physical and digital promotion material and hosting events. They have also demonstrated strong administrative, and financial management skills for recording and production of two full-length albums and three EPs, as well as for interstate and international tours. 

N is an individual who gets things done. Decisive, driven and autonomous, N is ultimately seeking to transition out of the education sector into a position seeking a role that aligns with their values and allows them to utilise their strong leadership, project planning, and creative skills. They are open to exploring a range of opportunities with a particular interest in Marketing, Advertising, Events, Media, Sales, Project Management, and The Arts generally.  

To learn more about ‘N’s impressive and highly transferable skillset, call 1300 312 502 and we would love to connect you! 

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A Transformational Leader with the Magic Touch!

A’ is a highly accomplished business operations leader with a history of conceptualising, developing, launching and managing successful organisations, including building a national chain of 40 franchised QSRs from conception to completion.

Open to C-Level and Strategic leadership opportunities within medium to large organizations and with exemplary skills transferable across a wide range of industries; your company can benefit from ‘A’s extremely rare market availability.

‘A’ offers demonstrable expertise in strategic planning, new business development, people management, partnership building, financial management and marketing, ‘A’ is a collaborative professional skilled in developing high-performing teams. Driven, agile and dedicated; they are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the performance of businesses and make a positive impact.

Ready for ‘A’ to lead your business through its next growth phase? Call us today on 1300 312 502 and we would be delighted to make an introduction.

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Customer Service Superstar!

A true ‘People Person’, providing customers and clients with consistently outstanding service is ‘H’s reason for heading to work each day.

As customer experiences become increasingly more impersonal, having a team member like ‘H’ surprising and delighting your clientele at every interaction is worth its weight in gold.

Born and raised in Ballarat, and bringing the wealth of local knowledge that provides, ‘H’s resume is a testament to their loyalty, reliability and proven ability to represent organisations to the highest standard.

Ideally suited to retail and customer service environments ‘H’ is thrilled to be looking forward to a new opportunity with your business – call 1300 312 502 and we would love to introduce you!


Contact us for more information             Call us on (03) 4331 9190

The Proven Group is proud to provide pre-assessed candidates
for employers in Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.

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