Personal Development Training Courses

Are you looking for personal development training that empowers and inspires you?

That’s where we can help!  Integrating horizontal and vertical learning is the key.

About the Personal Development Training Courses

In today’s fast-paced world, personal development is more important than ever, as individuals must learn to balance work, family, and personal commitments. The Faculty’s training programs cover a range of topics, including stress management, mindfulness, communication skills, and self-leadership development. These courses provide practical tools and techniques to help individuals manage stress, improve communication, and develop personal leadership skills.

Additionally, the Faculty offers coaching services to help individuals identify their strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve their personal and professional goals. By partnering with the Faculty of Personal Development, individuals can develop the skills and mindset necessary to succeed in all aspects of their lives, leading to improved well-being, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

Explore our full range of Personal Development Training Courses

  • Learn how to think to get results – Above the line
  • Understand the relationship between thought and mindset
  • Relationship between thinking and mindset
  • The characteristics of Above and Below the Line thinking
  • Analyse your thinking to assess where you are
  • Strategies to improve your mindset and thinking
  • To use the feel, think, do model to create a Vision to identify the impact of our thoughts on our emotions and actions
  • Access the quality of your thinking
  • What our 6 Core Needs are
  • Why they are so important
  • How we meet them in resourceful and un-resourceful ways
  • To analyse the success to which you are meeting your needs
  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Understand and learn how meeting our needs or not meeting our needs determines our happiness and sense of fulfilment
  • To equip people with the skills, tools and determination to reset their lives now and for a better future.
  • Understand the relationship between the brain and mental wellbeing
  • Understand some fundamental truths about depression and how, without proactive intervention, it can continue indefinitely
  • Understand why medication alone is rarely enough – it needs to be supplemented with practical strategies
  • Learn 5 practical, evidence-based strategies to improve your mental wellbeing
  • Understand why the absence of mental illness does not necessarily mean the presence of mental health
  • Learn strategies to move from languishing (feeling stuck and underwhelmed with life) to flourishing
  • Learn why being happy all the time is not realistic or sustainable – psychological wellbeing is a far more powerful goal
  • Understand the role of the brain in mental wellbeing and contentment – why does the grass always look greener elsewhere?
  • Understand the six dimensions of psychological wellbeing and apply them in your life
  • Understand how (and why) your physiology, thoughts (cognition), feelings (affective) and behaviours ALL affect your wellbeing
  • Apply 16 practical, evidence-based strategies (physiological, cognitive, affective, and behavioural) to improve your mental wellbeing
  • Recognise Submissive, Assertive and Aggressive behaviours
  • How Assertiveness differs from Aggressiveness
  • Handle aggressive behaviours appropriately
  • How to have a difficult conversation
  • How to deliver a message that the other person does not want to hear
  • What is Self-Confidence?
  • Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  • The Power of No
  • Assertive Vs Aggressive
  • Understanding the behaviours of others
  • ‘Your “Superpowers” and how to leverage them
  • ‘How to be seen, heard and understood
  • Identify your core values – what really drives you
  • Understand your true strengths, your innate abilities and gifts
  • Discover your temperament, using the renowned DISC Behavioural Profiling System and match your profile with real career options
  • Utilise the Ikigai Model to help identify your life’s calling
  • Determine your life’s calling or vocation: The life you were meant to live!
  • Adopting 2 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)
  • Do we have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?
  • Realising our Strengths
  • Techniques for Reflection/ Journaling/ Mindfulness
  • I have learnt a lot about myself and clearly know what is important to me
  • Time to stop, reflect and recalibrate
  • Well done – great reflection and refocus, and great to continue working on development with you
  • At last, I’ve been able to articulate and connect with what I value and what I could do. A real breakthrough. Thank you.
  • Congratulations to you both – you should be rightly proud of how you are changing people’s lives for the better!
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence and self-awareness
  • Build a mindset for resilience
  • Transformed Confidence
  • Gain a sense of self with clarity around values and purpose
  • Learn strategies for developing the ability to be assertive
  • Understand how to manage conflict in a calm and rational manner
  • Improved ability to make fast, empowered decisions
  • Practical, linguistical and psychological skills to address adverse behaviour
  • Awareness of dangerous and unsafe situations
  • De-escalation skills
  • Recognising red flags
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • Understanding what violence and aggressive behaviour looks like
  • Self-care strategies before and after an incident
  • Building safety plans for critical incidents
  • Key empowerment strategies to live a life you love
  • Uncover the secrets to balance work, play and family
  • Gain confidence as you stretch your comfort zone
  • Understand what you need for self-fulfilment
  • Determine what you want from life