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Are you legally compliant?

Safety can be a minefield! Not sure where to start – we’re here to help.

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Safety in the Workplace

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance” Paul McNulty, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General

Not sure where to start with safety in your workplace?

Even as a small business, there is a duty of care to provide your employees with a safe workplace, as far as reasonably practicable – this can be an overwhelming space to work through if you are good at what you do, but struggle with the compliance, the policies and the day-to-day requirements of Work Health and Safety.

Are you compliant?

Compliance is also complex. It’s easy to miss the latest amendment to compliance codes, codes of practice and regulation, or changes to employee Return to Work processes. Often, it’s a matter of when, not if, there is an injury or incident at your workplace. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe.

How do you upskill your employees in safety?

Do you have “safety moments” or toolbox meetings? It is important to engage all your employees in creating and driving a positive safety culture in the workplace. The Proven Group can assist you with creating and maintaining a safe work environment, that is compliant and has your employees invested in the safety journey.

We have utilised the HR and Occupational Health & Safety services of The Proven Group. The team have been fantastic helping move many things forward including many smaller safety issues resolved. The Proven Group are easy to discuss matters with and quickly get to the pointy end of what is required. Their level of expertise in these critical business areas was a great plus for us.

I would have great pleasure in recommending their services to any business requiring either a supplement to their internal resource or for smaller businesses a core strength in all aspects of HR including Recruitment and Occupational Health & Safety.

Leon Nash
Chief Financial Officer


Onboarding - SafetyCongratulations!  You have just hired an amazing new team member!   And you want to ensure that they remain with your business long term.

By providing an engaging induction, which may include our animated policy suite, you are reassuring your new employee that you take safety seriously!    A good safety culture doesn’t just happen.  It is created by people sharing their knowledge and starting employees on a positive safety journey, from the very first onboarding session.

Not only does safety training need to be inclusive, it needs to be delivered in different formats to support a diverse employee base.


Why is training your staff important?  Training - Safety

Managers, supervisors and indeed workers, must be aware of their responsibilities around workplace health and safety – each and  every person has a responsibility to ensure that everyone goes home safely each day.

In today’s safety world, there is a duty of care to provide training to all of our organisation.   “I wasn’t aware/didn’t know” is not an acceptable reason or excuse, at any level.   

The Proven Group will work with your business to identify training gaps within your team and assist you to build a robust and comprehensive safety training programme, formulated to support all roles across your business.

Hazard Identification​

Hazard IdentificationWhen we partner with you to support your safety journey, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand what the hazards and risks are to your most valuable resource, your team.

This includes spending time meeting with your Health and Safety Team, your managers and  of course, your employees who work in the business and who will have a great understanding of the everyday hazards and risks they may face.  

Risk Management​

Risk ManagementRisk management is a systematic process of identifying hazards, assessing the risk associated with those hazards, eliminating or controlling those risks and monitoring and reviewing risk control measures.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business, we undertake a site safety audit then work with your team to build a hierarchy of controls, a risk management matrix and plan.  Suitable control measures can then be put in place to ensure OHS risks are eliminated, or else controlled and monitored with the hierarchy of control and legal requirements.


Communication SafetySafety involves everyone in your business.  Communication and consultation are key elements to getting your safety culture right!    The Proven Group can help you develop clear and easily understood communication methods for your teams, so that everyone is on the same page!   

Depending on the size of your business, you may have a dedicated Designated Work Group, or you may have an individual Safety Officer.   

The Proven Group will work with you to build a workplace with a cohesive and inclusive safety culture.  

Safety Plans, Procedures and Policies

Safety PlansThis is the paperwork part!     We work with you to ensure that the legal requirements are met and the information is tailored for your business:

  • Ensuring your record keeping is accurate and is stored safely
  • That you have the correct policies and procedures in place
  • Incident reporting and management is set up and accessible
  • Developing or updating safe work method statements (SWMS)
  • Set OHS objectives for over a twelve-month period

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