Interviewing Candidates

Do you know the questions to ask and how to determine if the candidate will be a good fit for your team?

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What’s your approach when preparing questions for interviewing candidates?

Choosing the right candidate is tough, especially as when interviewing a candidate you are actually watching a one Act play. They have put on their costume and learnt their lines, as they want to put their best foot forward and get the job. But how do you dig behind the façade to get to know the real candidate and whether they will be a good fit for your team?

Interviewing candidates is not always an easy process. Interviewing is an art; asking the right questions, framing them the correct way, probing for more information, observing body language when the candidate responds, are all elements to be considered. A good interviewer needs to be prepared, flexible and ready to adjust their approach when needed, to maximise the information gathered during the interview.

Every individual has a different style. We are all different in how we communicate, how we interpret information, how we listen, how we think and how we deal with different scenarios as they arise.

Having well prepared and documented interview questions will help define what information you need to make the best selection. The risks to the business by not being prepared could result in hiring the wrong candidate and having to repeat the process down the track.

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