Mel Gibson - Email Efficiency Expert, The Right Outlook

Mel Gibson – Email Efficiency Expert

Mel Gibson provides business professionals with a complete inbox management solution within Outlook that will reclaim their time, reduce their stress & overwhelm and improve their business communication.

Unlike other, more basic Outlook training, Mel’s expertise lies in understanding the best tools and features of Outlook to solve common and custom business frustrations.

This allows her clients to totally transform the way they use email and can save them up to a business day per week. Every week.

Working for years as a Training & Process Improvement Manager, Mel noticed a problem consistently impacting every business professional – people are drowning in email. The average business professional spends over 40% of their time in their inbox and most people are self-taught in Outlook. Considering our email is where most of our to-do list and action items come from and most people don’t have a process to manage their emails – it can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s why The Right Outlook was founded. No one should have to feel that their mental health is being negatively impacted by their overwhelming inbox.

Mel, Owner & Chief Presenter at The Right Outlook, is an email productivity expert and knows all about the wonderful features of Outlook and how they can work in tandem for maximum efficiency.

The Right Outlook presents to corporate businesses, small businesses and individuals & provides a series of workshops, training & packages to help people master their Outlook inbox and change their relationship with email.

Individual courses run on the last Tuesday of every month at 1 pm AEST.

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