Have you ever felt that you were perfect for a job, but just couldn’t convey this in the interview?

You probably put it down to nerves, but the real culprit is usually a lack of preparation. Since most of us get few opportunities to practise being interviewed, it is surprising that we often choose to leave this, the most important element of a job application, to the last minute.

Thorough preparation is, therefore, your best defence against nerves. Done correctly, it will ensure that you are equipped to answer any question in a way that presents you, your skills and experience in the best possible light.

Interview coaching with The Proven Group

At The Proven Group, we believe that Knowledge + Practice = Confidence. Our friendly, experienced interview coaches ask questions tailored to the job you are applying for in a mock interview situation, conducted over the phone, via Skype or in person.  They provide constructive feedback, including suggested answers, which will help you perform at your best in a real interview situation.

What will you learn?

  • How to make a good first impression and establish rapport.
  • How to control your nerves.
  • How to structure answers to common questions – including traditional, situational, behavioural and competency-based questions – in a way that highlights your experience, skills and knowledge.
  • How to highlight your individuality and ensure that you stand out from the other candidates.
  • Which questions to ask at the end, how to close an interview and how to follow up.

The Proven Group provides professional cover-letter and résumé-writing services in Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. In addition to these services, we offer interview coaching, LinkedIn profile-writing, how to address key selection criteria, personality profiling and career counselling.

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