Start Blogging to grow your business

You know you need to start blogging to grow your business, but you don’t know how. The team at The Proven Group can assist in writing your blogs where your readers, that is, your customers will [...]

Mental Health Awareness Month

Workplace health and safety legislation requires employers to ensure that workplaces are both physically and mentally healthy for all employees. Is yours? Did you know that many businesses offer [...]


WHY UNITED LEADERSHIP WINS OVER THE CHARASMATIC INDIVIDUAL Just in case you missed it, Saturday September 4th was International Leaders Day! And while we are all crying out for signs of [...]

Safety in Your Workplace

Not sure where to start with safety in your workplace? Even as a small business, there is a duty of care to provide your employees with a safe workplace, as far as reasonably practicable – this [...]

Template Resume vs Professional Resume

We have already reiterated in several of our blogs on this website that your resume is your opportunity to create a good impression of your skills and accomplishments during your career. You also [...]

Do you need to Phone a Friend?

The famous Eddie McGuire once upon a time asked contestants, “Would you like to phone a friend”? The Proven Group asks the same question in relation to HR Support. “Would you like to phone a [...]

Cover letter or no Cover letter?

Well, that’s a good question. Please read the recruiters instructions and if they ask for a cover letter, then please send this. If they don’t ask for a cover letter then please don’t send. You [...]