Did you know that 95 per cent of organisations do not actually read résumés or cover letters? Instead, they use sophisticated software that scans these documents for certain keywords. If those keywords are not found, applications do not progress any further. You may be perfect for the job, but you will never have the opportunity to meet your prospective employer and prove it.

To proceed beyond the screening stage, you need to learn the language that the software is looking for and include it in your application documents. However, it is also important to guard against over-stuffing your application with keywords. This is very obvious to the human eye, and will not look good when your résumé is eventually read by a real person.

The Proven Group knows the keywords

At The Proven Group, we know how to identify the keywords in a job ad and strategically structure your résumé and cover letter to ensure that they include them. This will result in your application being noticed.

The Proven Group involves you in every stage of preparing your job application documents. They are completed within a couple of hours, emailed to you and saved to a USB. This way, you get to read and approve exactly what you are paying for, which is why our clients are 100% satisfied with their documents.

In addition, we can provide you with a unique interview thank you letter, which will help you to stand out from the other applicants after the interview and provide you with a point of difference.

Supporting you at every stage of your career journey

The Proven Group provides professional cover-letter and résumé-writing services in Melbourne, Ballarat and regional Victoria. In addition to these services, we have a range of add-ons, including interview coaching, LinkedIn profile writing, how to address key selection criteria, personality profiling and career counselling.

Contact us today to discuss our services.

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