“The Proven Group were professional, flexible and responsive. I simply gave them our requirements and let them do what they do best. This freed me up to do my job and focus on meeting the increased demand for our products.”
Andrew Lambert, General Manager – Manufacturing Operations, Macspred Australia

The client

Macspred Australia is a privately owned Australian company that develops, manufactures and distributes agricultural chemical products.


Macspred Australia were operating with a team of five permanent staff and a number of regular casuals when they experienced a sudden and unprecedented influx of production orders that hadn’t been forecast or planned for. To fulfil these orders, they needed to change from working normal shifts to operating 24 hours a day over a three-month period to meet the sudden demand for product. Realising that they had an urgent need to recruit more staff quickly, they approached The Proven Group for help.

One of Macspred Australia’s biggest challenges when hiring new staff is finding people that not only have the necessary skills, but who are also responsible enough to work in a factory environment where chemicals are present and safety is vital. The work requires the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), including full-face respirators and gloves, which many people find claustrophobic.

In addition, Macspred Australia occupies a niche segment of the agricultural industry. This means that it is difficult to find people who have previously worked in the industry, but candidates can be sourced from the food- manufacturing sector, where the processes are similar.


The Proven Group immediately set about obtaining a detailed job description from Macspred Australia. After consulting their comprehensive database, The Proven Group were able to present the General Manager with a shortlist of suitable candidates. There was no need to advertise because The Proven Group already had several high-calibre, job-ready candidates on their database. Having met, screened and interviewed all of these candidates, The Proven Group could put them forward with the confidence that they had the right credentials and would fit in with company culture.

Macspred Australia subsequently interviewed the shortlisted candidates and went on to appoint four new casual staff members, enabling themselves to fulfil their production orders.


Outsourcing part of the recruitment process to The Proven Group saved Macspred Australia’s management team many hours at a critical time, reducing their costs by an estimated $3,000 over a three-month period. Crucially, this enabled them to focus on increasing their production levels.

As a result of its collaboration with The Proven Group, Macspred Australia had access to a database of job-ready candidates that they would not otherwise have had. They were not only able to expand in time to meet their production commitments, but also able to grow their permanent team, promoting one of the candidates to a full-time supervisory role.  Another of the casual positions has evolved into an ongoing role and will probably also become permanent in the near future.

Macscpred Australia had worked with recruitment agencies in the past but found their services expensive. The Proven Group were able to offer a flexible solution whereby they took on the most onerous parts of the recruitment process, relieving the pressure on Macscpred Australia at a critical time and an affordable price.

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