“Working with The Proven Group has provided us with the discipline to identify our ‘must-have’ requirements and the confidence that these will be met. The process is always efficient, fuss-free and pleasant, and no request is too much trouble.”
Tony Lafferty, General Manager, Welling & Crossley

The client

Australian owned and operated since 1926, Welling & Crossley manufactures and supplies diesel generating sets, portable generators, inverter generators, industrial generators, back-up generators, diesel engines, fire products and tractor packs.


Welling & Crossley’s management team were looking to outsource the recruitment process in order to free up their time to focus on exploring more business opportunities.  They had previously undertaken their own recruiting, but were often overwhelmed by the number of applications they received and sometimes lost sight of the ‘must-have’ attributes required for the roles they were filling. An ‘outsider looking in’ viewpoint is crucial to a successful recruitment campaign, as an internal recruiter can sometimes be too close to a business and unable to see the forest for the trees.

In addition, some of the positions Welling & Crossley needed to fill were in their small regional branches and often required the staff member to work alone. The management team found it difficult to assess whether candidates would be suited to that kind of environment.

It was imperative that the candidates recruited to these positions were an ideal fit in terms of skills, workplace culture, personality and background in order to contribute to the continuing success of the company. Welling & Crossley therefore needed an agency that fully understood their recruitment needs. They approached The Proven Group for help.


The Proven Group began working with Welling & Crossley in 2013.  As a result of a bad experience that Welling & Crossley had had with a recruitment agency in the past, this relationship might have been off to a rocky start.  But the positive, efficient, solely focused and can-do attitude that The Proven Group displayed was just what they needed. Within no time at all, the position was filled at a very cost-effective price, thousands of dollars less than what Welling & Crossley would have spent on placing the ad, shortlisting candidates, interviewing candidates and then placing the candidate.

Typically, a member of Welling & Crossley’s management team would email a job description and their key requirements to The Proven Group, who would use this information to create and run an online job advertisement. The Proven Group would then contact the management team to personally discuss the key criteria of the ‘ideal candidate’.  The Proven Group would then process the applications, updating Welling & Crossley as required and provide a shortlist at the end of the process.

Confident that the shortlisted candidates satisfied all their key requirements, Welling & Crossley would usually take over at this point and complete the interviewing and hiring processes in-house. Sometimes, however, they would call upon The Proven Group later on during the process, perhaps to conduct a second interview with a particular candidate and provide a second opinion based on their 20+ years’ experience in Human Resources.


Over a three-year period, The Proven Group has successfully sourced and recruited 13 candidates with skills and experience that have met or exceeded Welling & Crossley’s requirements and led to successful appointments. The two organisations continue to enjoy an excellent working relationship based on trust and the assurance that The Proven Group’ expertise and attention to detail deliver well-qualified and suitable candidates.

At times, there was not even a need to list the job advertisement on Seek, because The Proven Group already had a screened, interviewed and job-ready candidate that they had met while writing their resume.

The Proven Group is a one-stop shop for job-ready candidates and the only resume and recruitment company in Australia that meets and interviews every client and writes their resume before referring them for a job!  Why would you go anywhere else?  You can no longer judge your next employee on a piece of paper – it is simply not worth the risk to your staff or your business!

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