Your job ad may have been written to attract only the most suitable candidates, but the task of reviewing and shortlisting résumés can still be a daunting one.

The purpose of shortlisting is essentially to exclude as many unsuitable candidates as possible prior to interview. To draw up a strong shortlist quickly and effectively, follow this simple, methodical approach:

  • Decide on the selection criteria against which applicants will be measured; these will be based on the job description, the key to any successful recruitment campaign.
  • Agree on those candidates who best meet the criteria.
  • Remove those applicants who clearly do not meet the criteria.
  • Remove applicants who have made little or no attempt to address the job requirements.
  • Treat internal applicants in the same way as you treat external applicants: if an internal applicant does not meet the criteria, they should not be shortlisted.

In addition, bearing the following in mind will ensure that the process is fair and transparent:

  • Carry out shortlisting as soon as possible after the closing date for receipt of applications, and if practical, within two weeks of that date. Advise candidates that have not been shortlisted by phone or email.
  • If possible, involve all members of the interview panel in the process.
  • Keep your selection standards consistent throughout the process.
  • Guard against bias, ensuring that your reasons for rejecting a candidate relate only to the set criteria and not to race, gender, disability or any other discriminatory factor.

The Proven Group

How much time – and therefore money – could you save by outsourcing your shortlisting to a team of experts?

The team at The Proven Group, a recruitment agency in the western suburbs of Melbourne and regional Victoria, have extensive experience in this and every other aspect of recruitment. We work with you to determine the minimum selection criteria for each role. We then conduct a preliminary résumé review, eliminate those candidates who do not meet these criteria, and create a strong shortlist that satisfies all your job requirements.

If you’d like help with this or any part of the recruitment process, feel free to get in touch for a confidential and no-obligation discussion.

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