Take a look around your office. If your workforce is made up primarily of Baby Boomers, you may wish to consider diversifying by employing younger people who can take over as your older workers retire. Similarly, if your start-up is staffed exclusively by recent graduates, your company would probably benefit from the experience of older workers. Or perhaps adding a few more women – or men – to the mix would bring a fresh perspective or dynamic to your business?

Analysing what it is that your team needs is a useful way to target your search for potential candidates. This is where the team at The Proven Group can help!

Our job is to identify the best person for your company culture – not solely the best person for the job – and help you avoid the costs of a bad hire.

We also help you to ensure that the hiring process is fair. It’s illegal to make hiring decisions based on race, national origin, colour, religion, age, disability and sexual preference. Charges of discriminatory hiring practices are costly, damage your company’s reputation, and can make it even harder to find qualified candidates.

The Proven Group

The Proven Group is a recruitment agency in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong and other areas throughout regional Victoria, with extensive experience in every aspect of recruitment. Contact us today to discuss the option that best suits your needs and budget.

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