Recruitment decisions are among the most important that you as a business owner or manager will ever make. If recruitment is on your agenda for the new financial year, avoid the costly mistake of a bad hire and ask yourself these five questions before you begin the recruitment process:

1. Do I have a position description for the role?

A clear, detailed position description is the first step to making a good hire. It should form the basis of your job ad, ensuring that you attract only the most suitable applicants in the first place; it will also structure your interview questions.

2. What skills and experience will they need?

A list of the skills and experience required for the role will underpin your key selection criteria, which will in turn feed into your job ad and provide a basis for assessing, shortlisting and interviewing applicants.

3. What type of person will do best in this job/business?

The next step is identifying the type of person that will do best in the role and fit in with the existing team and company culture. The DISC behavioural profiling tool, which uses four main behavioural styles to describe how people approach their work and relationships, can be used effectively to create a profile of the ideal candidate – known as job profiling – and again guide the assessment, shortlisting and interviewing processes. Comparing the candidates’ DISC profiles with the job profile will ensure a perfect fit.

4. What do I have to offer to attract the right person?

A list of what you as a company have to offer the successful candidate – including salary, conditions, work culture and training – will not only ensure that you remain competitive but also help to identify the kind of person you are appealing to when you create your job ad.

5. Do I have an onboarding plan?

Having an onboarding plan to familiarise new employees with the overall goals of the company, as well as the requirements of their job, is key to helping them settle in and begin working productively as quickly as possible. Onboarding plans tailored to the employee’s DISC profile will further smooth the integration process.

This is also a good time to ensure that all your internal business documentation is complete and up to date; well-written documentation provides an invaluable resource for new recruits.

The Proven Group

If these questions have highlighted any areas of concern, consider enlisting expert help. The specialist team at The Proven Group can assist with all aspects of the recruitment process, including:

• DISC profiling
• Position descriptions
• Key selection criteria
• Onboarding plans
• Business documentation

The Proven Group provides award-winning services to employers and job seekers in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Our friendly, experienced team have an unmatched reputation for excellence in their fields of expertise and can assist with all aspects of résumé writing, recruitment and human resources. Get in touch to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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