It’s a sad fact that at some point every employer will have to consider terminating an employee’s contract. Take the example of the cleaning supervisor who’d worked for a small commercial cleaning company for less than a year when his employer decided, with regret, not to renew his contract. The employee had all the right skills and previous experience, was easy to get along with and fitted into the company culture. So, what was the problem?

Turns out, one of the main requirements of the job was managing subcontractors. But the employee was ineffective in this aspect of his role because he wasn’t assertive and avoided conflict – and therefore did not take action when subcontractors began turning up late and working at their own pace.

While, on paper, the employee may have had the appropriate skills, qualifications and experience, he lacked the right behavioural profile for the job. This crucial aspect of recruitment is often overlooked, resulting in square pegs being forced into round holes – and, ultimately, terminations or resignations.

Expand the job description

As an employer, how can you help to ensure a good behavioural fit when making your next appointment? Many people make the mistake of limiting the job description to the skills, experience and education required to carry out the work. But, if certain behaviours are key to doing the job successfully, they should be included in the job description.

Start by thinking carefully about what sort of behaviours lead to success in the job. If you already have someone performing the role successfully, identify the behaviours that make them successful. Are they assertive, results-driven, caring, creative or team-oriented, for example? Add these behaviours to the job description.

Behavioural profiling

Profiling shortlisted candidates using a behavioural profiling tool such as DISC is very effective in determining if the person is the right fit for the job. DISC profiling uses four main behavioural styles – Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientiousness (C) – to describe how people approach their work and relationships.

Profiling can also help to identify any training that will enable employees to adapt their behaviour to the job and the environment in which they work.

DISC profiling with The Proven Group

Our specialist team is accredited in using DISC profiling to aid the recruitment process and improve workplace relationships and performance. We can conduct DISC profiling for your shortlisted candidates, either as part of a full recruitment package, or as a standalone service. 

Some organisations choose to carry out their own assessments but then fail to apply the results effectively. The Proven Group also offers half-day and full-day sessions that help you to interpret and make the best use of this valuable information when recruiting or when building your team’s productivity.

Get in touch to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

The Proven Group

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