Workplace health and safety legislation requires employers to ensure that workplaces are both physically and mentally healthy for all employees.

Is yours?

Did you know that many businesses offer financial assistance to their employees to access such a service? It’s called an Employee Assistance Program or EAP.

We know that even the most resilient person can be affected by life events, tragedy or stress, and that one in five Australians are living with a mental health condition, most notably anxiety or depression.

Forty five percent of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, so either directly or indirectly most individuals will be impacted by mental illness at one time or another.

Additionally, many are feeling anxious about the “return to normal” whether that be out in the community or returning to the workplace after working from home for so long. Transitions naturally spike anxiety, as well as the change in social relationships and the ‘new-set’ boundaries. These factors can have an impact on your productivity and the way you work.

The Proven Group encourages you to think about your mental health and wellbeing, regardless of whether you may have a lived experience of mental illness or not. It will give you the opportunity to understand the importance of good mental health in your everyday live and encourage you to seek help when needed. Many people are not aware of an EAP service and guess what, there is a designated number of appointments, which will be paid for by the business, either for yourself or for an immediate family member that requires the service. Most importantly this service is anonymous.

When specialist help is required reach out to The Proven Group. We are proud to be partnering with MyY to offer such a vital service to our clients.

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