“Having Bernadette do my recruitment for me was an absolute life-saver. She made sure she got a full understanding of what we needed by asking all the right questions and communicated clearly from start to finish. She’s also so easy to get on with and has an energy that motivates you and pumps you up so that you’re going in the right direction.”
Nicole Rosen, Director and Senior Advisor, Johnsey Rosen

The client

Johnsey Rosen are accountants and business advisers based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.


Johnsey Rosen had recently acquired Negotiis, an accounting firm based in a neighbouring suburb. They were looking to recruit a receptionist for their new office who could also work in their existing office when necessary.

“We needed someone who could start immediately, learn quickly and function straight away. With the new company to look after and the end of the financial year approaching, I just didn’t have the time to do the recruitment myself. So I approached Bernadette from The Proven Group, who had been recommended to me. We just hit it off,” explains Nicole Rosen, Director and Senior Advisor at Johnsey Rosen.


Bernadette arranged a meeting with Johnsey Rosen to learn all about the business. This included visiting both offices in order to gain an insight into how they operated, their culture and the clients with whom the receptionist would be interacting.

Bernadette then consulted the The Proven Group database of job-ready candidates. Having already met and interviewed every candidate, she had somebody in mind who not only had the required skills and experience but would also fit into both workplace cultures. Knowing how serious the consequences of one bad hiring decision can be, she believes in getting it right the first time.

Johnsey Rosen went on to interview the recommended candidate and appoint her to the position.

“Bernadette quickly came back with an option for us. She knew exactly what we needed and her recommendation has proved to be spot on. It would have taken me weeks to find the right person,” continues Nicole.


Outsourcing the recruitment process to The Proven Group saved Johnsey Rosen many hours at a critical time by eliminating the need for advertising and shortlisting and greatly reducing the interviewing time. This left the company free to focus on their new business and end-of-financial year workload.

As a result of its collaboration with The Proven Group, Johnsey Rosen had access to a database of job-ready candidates that they would not otherwise have had. They were able to fill the vacancy immediately with the most suitable candidate, confident that she had the right skills for the job and could transfer seamlessly between offices when needed.

The Proven Group

The Proven Group is a one-stop shop for job ready candidates and the only résumé and recruitment company in Australia that meets, screens and interviews every client and writes their résumé before recommending them for a job.

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