Do you have the best version of you online? Not sure, well you should be. LinkedIn is an online platform that connects the world’s professionals. The right LinkedIn profile needs to have the right algorithms so you appear on the first page when the world’s professionals are searching for you. It is no different to Google! No one will go to the second page to see who is there. Your LinkedIn profile needs to summarise your professional experience to your connections, current and future employers, and recruiters. Through your profile, you can showcase your professional life, milestones, skills and interests.

In March 2020, nearly every aspect of our lives was uprooted. From the time many of us began working from home, we’ve been creating new routines, adapting to uncertainty, and building resilience, not to mention pivoting to the digital world and trying to navigate unchartered waters. Bring on 2021 and here we are!

This means that many workers are also looking for new jobs, and companies are hiring for new types of positions in a way that we never have done before. Virtual connection is a part of everyone’s lives from the young to the elderly. And we’ve seen professionals invest in their own development by re-establishing and creating their online presence.

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