We have already reiterated in several of our blogs on this website that your resume is your opportunity to create a good impression of your skills and accomplishments during your career. You also need to look at your resume from the recruiters and or employers’ point of view.

So here is a list of advantages of a truly professional resume:

Your resume will stand out in comparison to the competition
Keep the recruiter interested so that you are given the opportunity to interview
Clearly illustrate your skills and career accomplishments
If you have constructed a scan friendly resume – you will have the advantage when recruiters are using resume scanning technology 
Creating your resume can be a daunting task. So, when you google free resume templates it has some pretty cool-looking templates, so you may ask why not use them? You’re almost guaranteed to have a decent-looking and complete resume just by following their guidelines, right?


Here is a list of disadvantages of using a template resume:

X You’ll blend into the crowd
X They are not optimised for the ATS
X Outdated resume styles

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