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One size seldom fits all when it comes to recruitment. Some businesses wish to outsource the entire process, while others, like one of our recent clients require our expertise in writing the job ad, including shortlisting hundreds of applications and doing all of the administrative legwork, and sometimes to conduct the interviews.

Here at The Proven Group& Recruitment Results, we offer flexible solutions, where we work with you to identify and meet your particular recruitment needs and budget. We have more than 30,000 talented, potential candidates that are job ready and waiting to fill your next vacancy. Our difference is that we have already met, screened, interviewed and written résumés for each and every one of them, so we know whether they will be the right fit for your organisation. The best part? If there is no placement, there is no fee!

Our flexible recruitment services include:

  • A job-ready candidate that we have already met, screened and interviewed
  • A tailored internal recruitment campaign
  • A tailored external recruitment campaign

The Proven Group

Job seekers have equally varied requirements and we provide an end-to-end career service for them too. Are you looking for help with your résumé, a career change, a better job, or simply career guidance? Or perhaps you’re planning a move to Australia and aren’t sure if your résumé is suitable for the Australian market?

With 20+ years’ experience in the human resources field, we know what employers are looking for. The awards we have won are evidence that our résumé clients have that point of difference!

Our résumé services include:

  • Free résumé assessment
  • Professionally written résumés and cover letters
  • Industry-specific résumé writing
  • Online resume writing worldwide
  • Specifically write and address key selection criteria
  • Ensure you have a professional online presence with LinkedIn and/or a Seek profile
  • Industry-specific interview coaching, either face-to-face or via Skype
  • Document writing (school assignments, general correspondence, job descriptions, business proposals, resignation letters and much, much more)
  • Career guidance and counselling
  • Psychometric personality profiling

Proven Business Results

We also deliver seminars and workshops for schools, colleges, universities and employees facing redundancy, where we teach participants how to write their own résumé and cover letter so they stand out from the crowd.

In our seminars and workshops we cover:

  • How to write a résumé and cover letter
  • How to find the keywords in a job ad
  • How to address key selection criteria
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to select appropriate referees

Your one-stop shop!

Spanning across three generations, The Proven Group is a family-owned, Australian-operated business. With 20+ years’ experience in Human Resources, we know how to professionally write résumés for any industry (entry to executive level), prepare candidates for interview and match them with employers to create productive and long-lasting partnerships. We’re large enough to have an extensive database of job-ready candidates that we have personally met, screened and interviewed, and small enough to be flexible and dynamic, and to provide exceptional, personalised service to every one of our clients, ensuring we make the difference!

For further information about any of our services, feel free to Get in touch for a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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