At The Proven Group, we are often asked by employers: “What about WorkCover and Safety – how do I comply with that?” WorkCover and safety regulations can be overwhelming and confusing, but it’s important for employers to understand their obligations in order to keep their employees safe and prevent workplace accidents.


WorkCover is a government scheme that provides insurance and support for workers who are injured at work. As an employer, you’re responsible for ensuring that your workplace is safe and that your employees are protected from harm. This means taking steps to identify and manage workplace hazards, and providing appropriate training and equipment for your employees.

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To comply with WorkCover and safety regulations, employers should conduct regular risk assessments and implement effective safety management systems. This may include implementing safe work procedures, providing personal protective equipment, and ensuring that employees are trained in the proper use of equipment and procedures.


Risk management is a systematic process of identifying hazards, assessing the risk associated with those hazards, eliminating or controlling those risks and monitoring and reviewing risk control measures.


Employers should also ensure that their employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities under WorkCover, and that they have access to support and information if they are injured at work. This includes providing a safe and healthy workplace, and reporting all workplace accidents and incidents to WorkCover.


In addition, it’s important for employers to keep up-to-date with WorkCover and safety regulations, as changes to legislation can occur regularly. Regular training and professional development for your safety team, and frequent communication with employees, can help ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest requirements.


To summarise, compliance with WorkCover and safety regulations is essential for the wellbeing of your employees and the success of your business. It requires a proactive approach, regular monitoring and review, and effective communication and training. The Proven Group encourage all employers to take their WorkCover and safety obligations seriously and invest in a robust safety management system.


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