Evidence shows that good employee health and wellbeing boost organisational health – so it goes without saying that employee health and wellbeing should be at the top of every employer’s list of priorities.

While yoga classes and bring-your-dog-to-work days may be a fun way to boost wellbeing in the workplace, true wellbeing stems from feeling successful and fulfilled in your role. The first step towards creating a happy employee, therefore, is to ensure that they are the right match for the job to start with.

DISC profiling is a two-way street

Rewind to the recruitment process: DISC profiling is a useful personality profiling tool that measures patterns of behaviour and provides valuable insights into how a potential employee will respond in certain situations – and therefore how well they are likely to fit into your organisation.

But profiling candidates is only half the story. The other half is profiling the job itself and identifying the behavioural requirements of the role. In a process called job matching, the DISC model is used to profile the behavioural demands of the job. Using the same criteria and language, it is then much easier to compare the job’s requirements with the candidate’s personality features and find a good match or identify the need for training.

Disc-profiling and job-matching services

The Proven Group’s specialist team is accredited in carrying out DISC profiling and job matching to ensure that you hire the most suitable candidate for the job every time.

We also offer half-day and full-day team-building sessions to help you interpret and make the best use of this valuable information to improve relationships and productivity in your business.

Our sessions cover the following topics:
• Why DISC in team-building?
• Recognising and managing DISC characteristics in the workplace
• Matching people with jobs
• Strategies for blending and capitalising behaviour

The Proven Group

The Proven Group provides award-winning services to employers and job seekers in Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Our friendly, experienced team have an unmatched reputation for excellence in their fields of expertise and can assist with all aspects of résumé writing, recruitment and human resources. Get in touch to arrange a confidential, no-obligation discussion.

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