Some job ads attract literally hundreds of applications. How can you avoid being overwhelmed next time you’re recruiting?

The key is to prepare an ad that attracts only the most suitable candidates in the first place, discouraging unsuitable applicants before they apply.

More than a standard job ad

Spending a little extra time on preparing your job ad will save you many hours down the track. What’s more, it will vastly increase your chances of avoiding a bad hire and employing the right person – a person that loves the job, does it well, and fits in with your company culture.

In addition to including the standard information listed below, your ad should:

  • Be specific, clear and concise about the nature of the job and the skills and experience required: ads that are vague or too general are likely to attract too many applicants.
  • Describe the day-to-day aspects of the job, giving applicants an understanding of how they will be spending most of their time.
  • Provide an impression of your company, its culture and its philosophy.
  • Use vocabulary used by the type of candidate you wish to attract.
  • Ask for more than a résumé – for example, ask applicants to answer a few relevant questions or provide a handwritten cover letter. This will not only provide an insight into their personality but also discourage all but the most committed of applicants.

Standard job ad requirements

  • Job title
  • Job location
  • Job role and its timescale
  • Responsibilities of the role
  • Outline of ideal candidate profile
  • Qualifications and experience required
  • Salary or salary guide
  • Description of organisation
  • Where the role is situated in the business structure
  • Contact details
  • Call to action

Posting your ad

Where you post your job ad is as important as what it says. Identify where your ideal candidates will be looking (is it the local newspaper or an online job board?), and post your ad there. Consider posting just a short, concise job and qualification description and providing a link to a more detailed description on your company website. If appropriate, harness the power of social media to reach your audience.

The Proven Group can help you advertise your next vacancy

The Proven Group is a recruitment agency that works with employers in Melbourne, Ballarat and regional Victoria to understand their business and workplace culture and prepare and place job ads that attract only the most suitable applicants. We can also assist with all other aspects of recruitment, including shortlisting, interviewing and reference checking.

If you’d like help with any part of the recruitment process, feel free to get in touch for a confidential and no-obligation discussion.

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