If you are in the midst of a job hunt, chances are you have done more than your fair share of remote interviews. While preliminary phone and virtual interviews have been a step in the modern job search process for years, restrictions surrounding COVID-19 introduced a new normal to the interview process.

Just because you are interviewing over a virtual platform, this doesn’t mean you should be preparing any less. Instead, virtual interviews require a level of preparation not necessary for in-person interviews. When you participate in a virtual interview you are responsible for creating the environment for the interview, because it is not taking place in one office, it is taking place in 2 offices.

As you prepare for your upcoming virtual interview, follow this checklist to ensure you are adding to the virtual interview environment, and not retracting from it:

  • Choose a professional background for yourself such as a bookshelf or a blank wall
  • Find a brightly lit spot to interview from, such as in front of a window
  • Practice looking into the camera while speaking
  • Pick a quiet space where you are unlikely to be interrupted during the interview, ideally an animal and child free zone
  • Silence your phone and any desktop notifications
  • Practice using your virtual platform so you are familiar with it on the day of your meeting
  • Test your connection and IT prior to the interview
  • Be online 5 minutes before your interview time
  • Wear your most professional, friendly attire

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