These days, recruiters no longer simply place job ads and wait for the applications to come in. They’re also constantly looking at online profiles to see if there’s anyone else out there that might be worth contacting.

Benefits of a SEEK profile

That’s why it’s essential for anyone serious about finding a job in today’s competitive market to have a profile on SEEK, Australia’s biggest employment website. The benefits of having a SEEK profile include:

  • Recruiters and employers looking for a candidate with your skills will find you and may approach you.
  • The latest job opportunities, aligned to your skills, are emailed to you, enabling you to stay on top of the market.
  • You receive information about the latest developments in your industry, which makes you the expert.

Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, these regular updates will keep you informed about what’s out there and what you’re worth. Plus, a SEEK profile gives you exposure to a large network of potential employers and opportunities. When that perfect opportunity comes along, you’ll hear about it.

Concerned about privacy?

Understandably, some people worry about having their personal information ‘out there’. But be reassured:

  • Only registered employers can view your profile, and only if you choose not to keep it hidden.
  • You can manage who can view your profile by selecting from three privacy settings.

The Proven Group

The Proven Group are award-winning résumé writers serving the western suburbs of Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong. Our professional writers will create a SEEK profile for you that highlights your skills and experience, as well as your unique point of difference, and gets you noticed by the right people.

The Proven Group also provides professional interview coaching, cover-letter writing, personal profiling, career counselling and advice on how to address key selection criteria.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you further your career.

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