Well, that’s a good question. Please read the recruiters instructions and if they ask for a cover letter, then please send this. If they don’t ask for a cover letter then please don’t send. You may ask the question, well why wouldn’t I? The applicant tracking system (ATS) can shortlist applications based on the candidate’s ability to follow instructions and if you send a cover letter when one is not asked for, then instructions have not been followed which may result in your resume not being flagged.

So, what is the purpose of the cover letter?

The main purpose of a cover letter is to showcase you. You can’t include everything in the resume so consider your cover letter as a document that fills in the gaps. The best cover letters act as an effective marketing tool, and the product being marketed is you. So put your best foot forward.

Cover letters also make it clear how you plan on using your talents, personality and experience to benefit your new employer.

There may be gaps that you are unable to explain on your resume, so you can explain these in your cover letter. This is your time to shine so you can also explain how the achievements listed on your resume make you the perfect fit for their vacancy.

Here are some tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tip 1 – Research, research and did we say research? Yes, research the company.
Tip 2 – Why should they choose you and why do you really want the role?
Tip 3 – This is not a novel, it’s a cover letter. No more than 1 page (unless otherwise specified).
Tip 4 – Personality, personality and yes, we said personality. Tell the recruiter why you are the perfect fit.

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