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Managing Staff Behaviours


24 Mar 2022


9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Leading and Managing Franchise Teams: Day 3 – Understanding & Managing Staff Behaviour

Leadership and Management are two very different (complementary) skill sets that are crucial for people in supervisory and leadership roles to possess if they are to safely guide their teams to the expected destination.

The Proven Group team are excited to offer newly appointed and experienced Managers the opportunity to establish (and reaffirm) these skills within a series of single day professional development sessions.

Each session incorporates key learnings from the Leadership course including a blend of theory and practical coursework that is the trademark style of our course delivery.

Day 3 – Understanding & Managing Staff Behaviour
Using DISC to understanding behaviour
Using Behavioural profiles in Recruitment
Using DISC in the Performance Management process

Using DISC to Understand & Manage Staff Behaviour

DISC profiling is a powerful workplace behaviour model. It can be used very successfully in a number of ways including as a powerful team-building tool.  This day in the 5-day Leading and Managing Teams Program, which can be attended on its own, covers more than just using DISC in Teams, but that is certainly a good place for any Leader or Manager to start!

When teams understand each other’s profiles, they are able to work more cohesively, therefore enabling more collaboration and productivity due to a greater understanding of the people involved.

DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance) training involves assessing an individual’s personality and behavioural traits aimed at building stronger, more fulfilling relationships. In an organisational sense, DISC training and assessments are designed to improve interpersonal communications, connect with co-workers more effectively and understand what you need to maximise your potential.

This session normally includes an individual DISC profile for each of the participants.  Questionnaires are completed online, they take around 10 min.  This individual profile is inclusive of up to 30 min individual Zoom feedback session and 12-page individual report provided in pdf format via email.

What it covers:

  • The four competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Why DISC in team building
  • The Johari Window
  • Recognising & managing DISC characteristics in the workplace
  • Matching people with jobs
  • Strategies for blending and capitalising behaviour

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