Our Proactive Recruiting Solution Includes:

  • Deep Dive Assessment
  • Database Search
  • Reference checking of at least 2 x work referees
  • Police Check (valued at $52.50)
  • Working with Children Check (valued at $128.20) if applicable
  • Job advertisements (valued at $500)
  • Proactive External Talent Search & use of Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) to source suitable candidates
  • Personal approach to potential candidates
  • Screening and shortlisting
  • Interviews (first & second rounds)
  • Matching of DISC Job Profile to Candidate Profiles – top 2-3 candidates (valued at $1,800)
  • Proven Media Film Promotion – the best way to attract the greatest pool of qualified applicants (valued at $2,500)
  • Senior HR Strategist with Workforce Planning experience oversight of entire process
  • Presentation by candidate of Workforce Restructure successfully completed previously
  • Notify all unsuccessful applicants
  • Contract of Employment and associated paperwork (valued at $495)

Please note that to secure our services, we require full payment of the non-refundable 50% deposit to commence each recruitment.

The non-refundable deposit is incorporated into the overall cost quoted here and upon successful placement of a candidate the total quoted fee less the deposit is all that would be payable. All costs incurred in the recruitment process including advertising, production of professional video, DISC profiling, police check and all other items listed here, are included in our quoted price, nothing further would be payable.

We can arrange pre-employment medical examinations if required, we highly recommend this. This is invoiced to you directly from the provider.

At times, we will need to re-advertise the ad beyond the 30 days that is initially included in the service. If this is required, you will be invoiced for the charges associated with re-posting the job ad. We will request written approval before this is actioned.

The following terms and conditions apply to all work undertaken by The Proven Group.

  • All quotes are exclusive of GST.
  • All quotes provided are valid for 30 days from the Issue Date.
  • Final payment will be invoiced upon completion of the project and is payable within 7 days of the date of invoice.
  • All candidates incorporated into a recruitment process managed by The Proven Group will be invoiced in full to the client if appointed. If we provide copies of your Position Description to candidates as a part of this process, some candidates may apply directly to you, these candidates have been incorporated into this recruitment process and will be invoiced in full if they are appointed. Similarly, if you put candidates forward for the process, and they are successful, they will be invoiced in full; in order to ensure fairness and transparency and remove any potential conflict of interest.
  • Should you withdraw the position, appoint a candidate sourced internally or through your own referrals and not from this process, a fee will be payable based on the services provided up until that point in time as follows:
    • To shortlist stage – covered by the non-refundable deposit;
    • To second interview stage – 70% of the total placement fee; or
    • To the final offer stage – 100% of the total placement fee.
  • All changes requested, including extra work, will be quoted, and confirmed in writing via email and added to the client’s invoice.
  • You permit us to use your logo on your internal paperwork and for use in a portfolio of clients, including but not limited to, in The Proven Group marketing and website scroll of ‘Our Valued Clients’.
  • Information, feedback, and discussions do not substitute for your independent judgement and experience nor expert or legal advice. Any application of recommendations provided is at the client’s discretion. We do not warrant or guarantee that the methods or the HR services provided, will work in any circumstances, for you or your business. Under no circumstances (including but not limited to any act or omission on the part of The Proven Group) will The Proven Group be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damages or loss whatsoever which result from any Services or any Content.
  • If payment is not made within trading terms agreed for this project the client will be liable for all debt recovery costs if referred to an external collection agency.