Marcus Everett

Business Coach

My biggest sense of achievement comes from seeing the business owners I work with regaining their lives. The freedom they feel is accompanied by a sense of relief as they realise 16-hour days are in the past and their business’s profitability is increasing.

Over the last 5 years, we have been able to achieve an average return of just over $10 for every $1 spent by our clients. This is due to our diligence at methodically examining their businesses on a conceptual level before analysing and interpreting current results. This enables the identification of the improved practices and systems to be implemented.

The concepts and tools we use are applicable to a variety of businesses. In particular, it’s enjoyable to work with business owners whom, for the first time, are placing faith in newly appointed supervisors or management. They are usually wanting to drive change in their businesses to achieve a more profitable outcome.


  • Bachelor of Science