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The Proven Group are excited to partner with MBCM to provide services that support the People and Culture elements of your businesses.

MBCM have set up an exclusive HR/Employment/Health and Safety hotline for MBCM Franchisees through The Proven Group.

Franchisees can use the service whenever you need sound advice around HR/Employment/Health and Safety matters. The complimentary service allows for a 15-minute call. Many matters can be resolved during this time.

We suggest that you use schedule a time to speak to Jen with problems that are not urgent. Otherwise, feel free to call the emergency hotline if the matter is time sensitive.

Jen Carter is your dedicated Senior HR Strategist – who will bring in others with specific expertise as required.

The Proven Group’s expertise include:  HR Specialists, Employment Lawyers, Safety Specialists, Counsellors and a broad range of associated professionals.

If you need advice to solve a HR matter which is urgent, please call the hotline. We will work with you to solve your problem as a matter of priority.

Call 1300 181 292

If your HR/Safety/Wellbeing issue is not an emergency, we encourage you to book a time with Jen to discuss your question/problem. Jen will call you at the scheduled time, when both you and Jen can talk through the situation/advice you need and work out a solution.

If a question or situation requires additional support, documentation or letters or is of a complex nature, you will be quoted upfront for the completion of this work. There will be no surprises. Once approved, the work will be completed and you will be invoiced at $250 + GST per hour.

The Proven Group’s aim is to support you to focus on your core business, with the peace of mind that you are meeting your legal obligations and minimising your risk.

The common services that can be of assistance to you include:

  1. Preparing a contract and documentation for a new staff member
  2. Onboarding a new staff member
  3. Performance Management process and support
  4. Annual Performance Reviews
  5. Market and salary reviews
  6. Developing professional development plans for your team
  7. Succession planning
  8. Managing conflict
  9. Team building
  10. Disciplinary matters, termination of employment and offboarding
  11. Safety risk assessments
  12. Incident response support
  13. Health/Injury management and return to work plans

And so much more…across every aspect of your role as employers.

The Proven Group’s approach is practical, efficient and solution focused.