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Training and Development

Create a training program tailored to match your business’s long-term goals and day-to-day needs. For specialised help in crafting these programs, The Proven Group offers Training Development Services. 

As your company grows, it’s important for your team to continue improving their skills with training programs. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Does your company focus on training and developing your staff? 

  • Do you engage in training activities for your business? 

  • Are your performance reviews aimed at improving staff skills? 

  • Is the training complete by your team aligned with your business goals and strategy?  


With a huge array of training offerings available in the market, we support organisations with a focus on outcomes. Why is training being completed? Is the goals to develop individuals’ careers? Is the goal to build expertise within the business? Too often we see training completed to tick up box or even worse, we so no professional development or training completed within an organisation at all.  


We support businesses in: 

  • Delivering compliance training 

  • Delivering training programs  

  • Customising training to meet specific needs 

  • Supporting clients to gain clarity on what training is needed within their business 

  • Understanding skills required for an organisation to achieve their business goals 

  • Support employees in developing career pathways with training  

  • Accessing government funding for training programs 

  • Developing online training programs 

  • Developing onboarding training programs  

  • Sourcing online learning solutions 

  • Conducting a thorough Training Needs Assessment  

  • Developing coaching and mentoring programs for organisations 

  • Sourcing training for diverse providers 


Some of our training programs covers: 

  • Leading and Managing Teams 

  • Microsoft Products – Work, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook  

  • Communication Skills 

  • Wellbeing 

  • Health and safety 


We encourage you to reach out to discuss your training needs.  

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