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We’re here for you when you really need it.

Work environments can be unpredictable, leading to unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate you needing to access urgent advice and assistance. Whether or not you have an internal HR department, our team of specialists are ready to provide expert, independent advice promptly in the event of a crisis or urgent issue.

When an Emergency arises, we know that it is challenging to make calm, considered and compliant decisions, which also align with your values. This is where the team at The Proven Group come in.

As an external team committed to the well-being of your business, we excel at alleviating the challenges and stress associated with crisis situations. We ensure compliance, serve as a reliable sounding board, and collaborate with you until the issue is resolved.

Situations that may demand immediate Emergency HR assistance include:

  • Handling cases of instant dismissal offenses

  • Addressing allegations of bullying, sexual or racial discrimination, or harassment

  • Managing business continuity issues

  • Addressing criminal conduct

  • Handling absence-related concerns

  • Providing disciplinary and grievance support

  • Experience rapid response Emergency HR services when you need them the most.

When urgent help or a confidential discussion with an HR expert is needed, we can step in at a moment’s notice. Our Emergency HR Services, encompass immediate advice, on-site visits if required, and the necessary actions to promptly resolve the issue.

And once the matter is resolved, we encourage you to look at proactive measures to minimise emergencies of this nature from occurring again.

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