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HR Stop Gap Services 

Navigating unexpected HR challenges requires swift and effective solutions. The Proven Group understands the critical nature of addressing sudden staff shortages, specialised skill gaps, or unforeseen HR projects. Our HR Stop Gap Service are designed to provide your organisation with the flexibility, expertise, and rapid deployment needed to ensure uninterrupted HR operations. 

Whether you’re facing sudden workforce changes, skill gaps, or time-sensitive projects, The Proven Group is your trusted partner for reliable, responsive, and strategic HR solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and experience the confidence that comes with having The Proven Group by your side during times of transition. 


As our team are highly skilled in all areas of HR, The Proven Group specialists understand the need to hit the ground running. 

The Stop Gap service we offer ensures that we make it easy for you to manage your workload while helping to support you and the team with priority areas.  

Once onsite, you will work with our HR Consultants to establish the best way to maximise their expertise. 


The Stop Gap Service is often used when: 

  • Recruiting a new HR professional – rather than having to setting for someone who is not the right fit 

  • There is a resignation of a HR professional 

  • Extended leave within the HR team – this could be long service leave, parental leave, extended sick leave 

  • Additional HR projects needs implementation – these could require expertise or the existing team may already be working at capacity 

The Stop Gap service works extremely well to support organisations as you can receive : 

  • Immediate Support – We offer quick and efficient deployment of experienced HR professionals to address urgent needs, keeping your HR functions on track 

  • Tailored Solutions – Our stop-gap services are customisable to meet your unique requirements, whether it’s filling specific skill gaps, managing temporary projects, or providing interim leadership 

  • Project-Based Expertise – Leverage our seasoned HR consultants for specialised projects, such as organisational restructuring, HR system implementations, or training initiatives. 

  • Strategic Guidance – Beyond immediate needs, our consultants contribute strategic insights to help you plan for the future, ensuring your HR functions align with long-term organisational goals. 

  • Continuous Operational Support – Maintain operational continuity with our stop-gap services, preventing disruptions in critical HR functions and supporting your organisation through transitional phases. 



If you’re seeking assistance with an HR Stop Gap, The Proven Group is here to help. 

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