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HR Resources 

At The Proven Group, we recognise the pivotal role that human resources play in driving organisational success. Our HR Resources are meticulously crafted to empower your business with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to navigate the complexities of HR compliance. 

What HR Resources are you needing? 

You can find a lot of free online HR Resources. The question is: 

Are they compliant? 

How often are they updated? 

The Proven Group regularly update their HR Resources to ensure that they are up to date. The following HR Resources are available to purchase individually, or in packages, or you can subscribe to the HR Resource Hub, which allows you to access all of the available HR Resources with all regulatory updates.  

1. Employment and Subcontractor Contracts 

a.Employment Offer Letter – Common Law Salaried Employee (Full Time or Part Time) 

b. Employment Contract – Full Time or Part Time Casual Employee (Award or Common Law) 

c. Employment Contract – Casual Employee (Award or Common Law) 

2. HR Checklists and Forms 

3. HR Policies and Procedures 

a. Recruitment Policy 

b. Company WHS Policy Statement 

c. Employee Relations 

i.Flexible Working Policy 

ii.Working from Home Policy 


  1. Appearance and Behaviour Policy 

  1. Social Activities Policy 

  1. Confidentiality Policy 

  1. Email, Telephone and Internet Policy 

  1. Code of Conduct 

  1. Performance 

  1. Probation Review & Probation Dismissal Policy 

  1. Discipline & Termination Policy 

  1. No Show and Unauthorised Absence Policy 

  1. Workplace Bullying Policy 

  1. Grievance Policy and Procedure 

  1. Performance Management Policy 

  1. Resourcing and Development 

  1. Equal Employment Opportunities Policy 

  1. Reference Check Policy 

  1. Training & Development Policy 

  1. Background Check Policy 

  1. Redundancy Policy 

  1. Grievance 

  1. Grievance Policy and Procedure 

  1. Grievance Report Form 

  1. Employee Onboarding and Induction 

  1. New Employee Welcome 

  1. New Employee Welcome Letter 

  1. New Employee Announcement Template 

  1. New Employee Onboarding Checklist 

  1. Manager New Employee Onboarding Training  

  1. Employee Handbook 

  1. Employee Culture Survey 

  1. HR Compliance Training 

  1. HR Templates 

  1. Performance improvement plan 

  1. Personal development plan 

  1. Reference check template 

  1. Hazard & incident identification 

  1. Statement of service 

  1. Induction checklist 

  1. Exit interview 

  1. HR Letters 

  1. Resignations 

  1. Acceptance of resignation 

  1. Acceptance of resignation 

  1. Performance 

  1. Notice of performance meeting 

  1. Probation completion 

  1. Letter to Employee – Invitation to a Performance Counselling Session 

  1. Letter to Employee – Performance Counselling Outcome Confirmation 


  1. Employee Letters 

  1. Letter to Employee – Casual Conversion 

  1. Long Service Recognition Certificate 

  1. Long Service Recognition Appreciation Letter 

  1. No Salary Increase (Pay Remains the Same) Confirmation Letter 

  1. Salary Increase Confirmation Letter 

  1. Bonus Payment Confirmation Letter 

  1. Recognition Certificate Template 

  1. Position Descriptions 

  1. Job Description Template 

  1. Job Ads 

  1. Job Advertisement Template 

  1. Recruitment Templates 

  1. Applications Letters 

  1. Application Withdrawn Template Letter 

  1. Unsuccessful After Interview Letter 

  1. Unsuccessful Application Letter 

  1. Application on Hold Letter 

  1. Invite to Interview Confirmation Letter 

  1. Shortlisting 

  1. Telephone Screening Questions 

  1. Shortlisting Matrix 

  1. Shortlisting Guidelines 

  1. Application for Employment Form 

  1. Interviewing  

  1. DISC Profile 

  1. Interview Summary Form 

  1. Interview Questions Template – Supervisor 

  1. Interview Questions Template – Front Line Team Member 

  1. Recruitment Checklist Template 

  1. Reference Checking 

  1. Reference Checklist Template (written reference) 

  1. Reference Checklist Template (Telephone Reference) 

  1. Police Checking Process 

  1. WHS Documents and Templates 

  1. Hazards 

  1. Hazard Checklist 

  1. Hazard Report Form 

  1. Injuries 

  1. Injury Management Plan 

  1. Injury Reporting and Investigation Form 

  1. Risk Assessments 

  1. Risk Assessments General Office 

  1. Risk Assessment Template 

  1. Risk and Office Manual Task Identification Sheet 

  1. Workers Compensation FAQ’s  

  1. General WHS 

  1. WHS Statement of Intent 

  1. WHS Return to Work Program 

  1. WHS Induction Handbook 

  1. Training  

  1. Training Calendar Template 




Tailored Solutions: Our resources are customised to meet the unique needs of your business, providing targeted solutions for long-term success. 

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned HR professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and industry best practices to your organisation. 

  • Strategic Support: Our resources are designed not just to address immediate needs but to align with your strategic business objectives, fostering sustained growth. 

Empower your business with The Proven Group’s HR Resources – where excellence meets efficiency.  


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