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The Proven Group are proud members of the Franchise Council of Australia.

As suppliers to the sector, we believe it is important to support the industry association. Not only have we developed strong and mutually beneficial relationships within the FCA community, we have also learnt a great deal from others in the sector, franchisors, franchisees and industry suppliers.

The FCA does an incredible job in bringing the industry together at networking events, conferences and webinars. They also provide an strong voice to the sector both to government and the broader industry.

Proud Member of FCA - Franchise Council of Australia

The Proven Group are proud providers of the Certified Franchise Executive Program, run by the Franchise Council of Australia.

The mission of the CFE program is to enhance the professionalism of franchising by certifying the highest standards of quality training and education.

This career development program offers existing and aspiring franchise professionals and entrepreneurs the  opportunity to grow and reach a recognised standard of excellence within the local and international franchise  community.

The Signature Leadership Course for the Franchising Sector

DELIVERY MODE: In person OR Virtual

DURATION: 1 Day per month / fortnight


  • Understand the difference between management and leadership and when each is required
  • Learn how to maximise performance
  • Gain a clear understanding of your people and how to get the most out of them
  • Learn how to love managing conflict
  • Run meetings that people love attending!
  • Most importantly, how to get the team moving in the right direction to maximise bottom line results!

The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Leading and Managing Teams Training Course as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 500 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.

The following courses are approved by the Franchise Council of Australia through the Certified Franchise Executive Program:

Time Management For Franchise Managers

This course attracts 75 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 1 x 3 Hour Session

This course provides practical skills to concentrate on what really needs to be done, identify what doesn’t and effectively delegate the rest. These skills are a must have management tool. This course is practical, hands-on learning at its best.  Participants question assumptions, which leads them to be able to view suggestions in a new light enabling participants to implement immediately back at work to make an instant impact.

Conflict Resolution For Franchisee Managers

This course attracts 150 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Most people don’t like conflict and many actively avoid it. But, like it or not, we all need to deal with it at work.

This workshop provides practical skills that can be implemented at work instantly, giving you back control of the situation.

Learn the win/win mindset that will make a real difference in resolving any conflict situation – especially those that happen at work.

Excel Intermediate – Reporting Made Easy For Franchisees

This course attracts 150 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

Data Reporting is an important skill for all business owners and management. We will cover how to create and use advanced formulas, analyse data, organize worksheet data with tables, visualize data with charts, insert graphics, and enhance workbooks.

Training includes:

Analysing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

Organising Worksheet Data with Tables

Visualising Data with Charts

Enhancing Workbooks – hyperlinks, comments, pictures

Excel Advanced – Data Analysis and Effective Decision Making For Franchisees

This course attracts 200 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Face to Face

Data Analysis is crucial in any business to make informed and profitable decisions. Students will cover how to automate worksheet functionality, audit worksheets, analyse data, work with multiple workbooks, export Excel data and import/export XML data.

Training includes:

Auditing Worksheets – trace cells

Analysing and Presenting Data – what if analysis, statistical analysis


Conditional Formatting

Multiple Workbook

Importing & Exporting Data


Cultivating Psychological Safety

This course attracts 150 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

The safety and security of your staff will determine the level of engagement they feel with your organisation, directly impacting their productivity.   Your people are either thriving or merely surviving and that will be determined by three factors;  The Leader, The Environment and the Quality of your Communication.  The good news is that improvement can be made to each of these factors to improve the feeling of psychological safety within your culture ultimately improving the level of productivity and efficiency.

Understanding Leadership & Management

This course attracts 150 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

In a pre-work self-assessment participants receive enlightenment around their preferred management style and in the training, extend their knowledge to offer access to all available styles, broadening their impact within the organisation. The workshop also explores the participants understanding of  what Leadership is, and what activities it includes, making it real for participants to go back to work and set aside designated time to deliver on leadership activities.  Study after study tells us that workplaces in Australia are over managed and under lead – we want to change that!

Effective Team Meetings for Franchise Managers

This course attracts 150 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

Meetings are a balance between the group’s needs (people) and the organisation’s needs (task).  By ensuring that we follow some time-honoured practices, we can align the structure and human side of meetings. This is an interactive workshop that offers practical, hands-on learning by questioning assumptions, which leads to viewing suggestions in a new light. Key tools provided in this course can be implemented immediately to make an instant impact.

Problem Busters for Managers of a Franchise Business

This course attracts 200 CFE Credits

Delivery Method: Virtual

Sessions: 3 x 3 Hour Sessions

Unlocks the organisation’s often ignored and hidden knowledge with a simple, cost effective, time efficient and teamwork based approach, where you own the process rather than the consultant. This training enables you to implement repeatedly for the problems that arise now and into the future. This proven process has made and saved millions of dollars for organisations across the globe.

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