Employment Contract Checklist

Relevant information required to produce a one off, individual employee’s contract of employment.

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Employment Contract Checklist

New Employee Name(Required)
Please include number, street name, town/city and postcode.
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Payment Frequency(Required)
Termination Notice Period(Required)
Is leave loading on annual leave payable in addition to their salary or wage above to the new employee?(Required)

Contract of Employment Terms and Conditions

  • At the time of signing this agreement, there is a one off $495.00+GST charge for the contract of employment.
  • Contracts are provided in PDF non-editable format.
  • Other employment paperwork that is provided with the contract of employment free of charge includes: - Fair Work Information Statement, - Casual Fair Work Information Statement, - Tax File Declaration Form, - Superannuation Choice Form, - Staff Information Form and - Staff Orientation Form.
  • All invoices are payable within 7 days of receipt.
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