Travis Reading Chief Operations Officer

Travis Reading – Chief Operating Officer

Travis is our Chief Operating Officer and specialises in the optimisation of system and processes, team, technology and financial clarity across various areas of the business delivery.

As an advisor and mentor to many businesses, a consultancy specialist for service providers, and a volunteer mentor for Australian startup technology companies, Travis’s depth of experience and knowledge of operations is an asset for the growth and quality of service at The Proven Group.

Travis is passionate about human centric processes, and making sure all team members are truly supported and set up for success. This, combined with his knowledge of technology and how key tools can automate and optimise business operations, ensures that effort, costs and resources are always reduced, but quality is never sacrificed, rather greatly improved in the process.

With a particular focus on multi-national, and national businesses, Travis is not only key in powering the growth of The Proven Group, but also aiding our clients growth with the same services, by spearheading the Quality offering The Proven Group now provides.

If you too would like to optimise your business operations, reduce costs and optimise quality, get in touch with Travis Click Here