Marielle Adalia – Office Assistant

Marielle is an Engineer by profession and has worked for 8 years in her field. She is a leader, a good role model, and compassionate with all her team members. Last 2020 she decided to leave the corporate world to start her virtual career to mainly focus on his son Kai.  
Now, she is working as our Office Assistant helping Jenny with Marketing Strategies, Project Management, Social Media Strategies, and Content Writing. 
She loves writing blogs, poems, and stories. If there are two words that I will use to describe her it will be Creative and Optimistic. She loves challenges and is really fun to work with.  
A passionate, resilient, results-driven, and highly motivated professional, Marielle wants to be known for making a positive difference. 
She is always eager to create a positive impact on the world and on the people around her. 

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