Lynne Sheedy - HR Strategist and Executive Assistant to the Director & CEO

Lynne Sheedy – HR Strategist & Executive Assistant

As an HR Strategist and Executive Assistant, Lynne Sheedy is one of backbones of The Proven Group business. 

Lynne brings extensive knowledge across a diverse range of industries, including Healthcare, Emergency Services, Local Government, Private Sectors and Not-for-Profits in Aged Care and Community Services. 

Lynne’s key skills and functions as an Executive Assistant with The Proven Group are to support the daily activities of the Chief Operations Officer and the Director, as they empower businesses to create dynamic, energetic, efficient and effective workplaces.  

Her qualifications, knowledge and skills as an HR Strategist places her in good stead to support businesses to create harmonious, productive and safe work environments through their people. 

Lynne is a participative leader who includes the business and employees in decision making, but most of all champions collaboration for successful outcomes. Where Everybody Wins! 

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