Lou Lugsdin – Counsellor & Workplace Mental Health Coach

Lou Lugsdin – Workplace Wellbeing Specialist

Introducing Lou Lugsdin who is part of The Proven Group Team. Working in partnership with us, Lou helps people to move forward and create positive personal and professional change! She also proactively helps businesses create mentally healthy and resilient workplaces!

The Proven Group team pride ourselves on our person-centred, solution-focused approach, and tailor our services to the individual person and individual business.

Lou understands firsthand the pressures and demands life places on people. She also understands the need to move forward and create change to achieve personal and professional growth and success!

As a qualified Counsellor, Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching (Life Coach), and Level 2 E-DISC Behavioural Profiling Consultant, Lou understands human behaviour and is passionate about helping people navigate change and get the results they want.

Lou has a passion for personal development and education. . She has the desire to provide a positive, strength-based and capacity building approach, and a commitment to provide much-needed services to support those who are either struggling, feeling the pressures of busy lifestyles, facing personal or work-related stress or challenges, relationship issues, family concerns or struggling to deal with change.

A qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience, Lou has held many roles in the education sector. This broad career experience has provided Lou with the wisdom and expertise to be able to help people who are feeling frazzled, stressed out, overwhelmed, stuck, facing challenges and turmoil or who just want to raise the bar to achieve greater success.

Lou guides, empowers, and inspires her clients to move forward and create the changes needed to be able to grow and achieve their life goals.

With a focus on moving forward, creating positive change, building strong relationships, developing effective communication skills, and becoming efficient decision makers and problem solvers, Lou also provides clients with practical strategies and tools to achieve high levels of mental and emotional fitness.

Lou knows that everyone needs a helping hand at times, and she has the tools and expertise to support, mentor and coach people to move forward and create positive life changes.

Lou can help you and your staff move forward and create positive changes, why not start now, because a proactive, team approach gets results!

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