Kathy Ashton – Medicinal Nutritionist

Kathy Ashton is a Medicinal Nutritionist.  She understands what foods benefit the body, from a biochemical background, in treating specific chronic illnesses such as thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, menopause, chronic autoimmune issues and multiple sclerosis.


Becoming sick herself and finding ways to reduce symptoms through the food she was eating, she could see a true link between diseases and nutritional deficiencies and excesses.  However, it was not until her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, that this interest in food and disease became a passion and she went back to university to gain a degree in Nutritional Medicine.  Since then, she has studied extensively in the United States under some of the world’s best nutritional medicine doctors.


Kathy also is a qualified Life Coach, and she combines this with her nutritional medicine degree to assist people make a difference in their lives by helping them find the link that exists between change, food choices, and emotions.


Kathy’s major passion is to heal people by helping them make small changes, which make huge differences.


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