Joanne Brooks Training Facilitator Extraordinaire

Joanne Brooks – Training Facilitator Extraordinaire

Joanne is a Thought Leader in Business Strategy. In 2016 she liquidated her $30mil business. External factors had a lot to do with it but deep down she knew there was more to it.Joanne has navigated through over two decades of entrepreneurship and her mission is to guide business owners in creating their ideal futures. She leads them towards solid foundations, setting them up for successful exits that meet their future goals.Joanne specifically work with leaders to believe in themselves, and to be confident inside and out knowing that by doing so they will create a positive impact. To reawaken their belief in self so they can lower their exhausting façade and know it is time to step into their future success.Her own journey to self-discovery started with the gut-wrenching decision to liquidate. This led Joanne on an emotional rollercoaster that showcased how disconnected from her purpose she had become, which meant she had been making poor decisions, creating the perfect storm to liquidation.Joanne has spent the last 40 years smashing through barriers in her career, some due to her gender, her own imposter syndrome kicking in, or because others perceived that she wasn’t good enough.Great mentors who supported her journey to success were key in her self-re-discovery journey. They helped her awaken the passion within herself and made sure that she never lost sight of what was important.Navig8 Biz launched in 2017 with one goal: To share her learnings so that others can avoid the same pitfalls she did and achieve success with less obstacles.Joanne knows how challenging stepping boldly into your own power can be and has spent the last 5 years helping thousands of leaders to navigate the maze of success showing them that they can lead boldly and be valued for the impact they create.Creating inspiring leaders by helping you to reconnect your mindset, heart and gut.

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