Jenny Boymal Client Engagement Partner

Jenny Boymal – Client Engagement Partner

Jenny Boymal has spent her whole career in the education sector. Graduating from the University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Education (Honours), she worked as a Teacher for 6 years. Her passion was in developing a love of learning and passion in others. She has developed education programs, events, conferences and online learning programs to enable others to engage, build relationships and collaborate with industry professionals.Jenny then entered the world of business and adult education, taking over the family business. She spent the next 14 years running a training company which services the insurance, cleaning and construction sectors. She built the business to be the hub of the industry, running the industry’s annual conference, sitting on the board of the industry’s certification body and extensive involved in the association. During this time, Jenny worked to push the industry forward through industry advocacy, bringing innovation to the sector and building a strong community. She introduced new services, equipment and learning styles to the sector, developing online learning programs and technologies that brought efficiency and quality service delivery to the industry.

Jenny has worked extensively in the franchise sector, most recently, holding the role of National Membership Manager for the Franchise Council of Australia.Jenny is extremely passionate about the power of collaboration. She believes that business is best built through collaborating with liked minded business leaders. The vision of The Proven Group aligns perfectly with Jenny’s personal vision – Where Everybody Wins!

Jenny works with The Proven Group as their Client Engagement Partner. She is here to develop collaborations, build relationships and explore WIN/WIN opportunities.

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