Daniel GrynbergTraining Facilitator Extraordinaire

Dr Daniel Grynberg – Training Facilitator Extraordinaire

Dr Daniel Grynberg is a highly experienced Chiropractor and Wellbeing Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the health industry.

Daniel is a highly energetic clinician and facilitator, dedicated to helping people improve their lives through better health and lifestyle choices. This not only includes people who are in pain or have an injury, but also organisations that understand the value of a healthy workforce.

Over his years in private practice, Daniel identified a need for businesses to provide better support for workers, particularly those working remotely. In response to this, he founded the company Active Health Online (AHO), dedicated to helping businesses support the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce, no matter where they are located.

As a Chiropractor and Integrative Therapist, Daniel has worked with Australian Olympic wrestlers, international-level CrossFit athletes, national-level weightlifters and national-level gymnasts. Daniel leads by example and is passionate about staying active and fit both physically and mentally.

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