Carmelle Hedges

Carmelle Hedges – Training Facilitator Extraordinaire

Carmelle is our Sydney based Training Facilitator Extraordinaire who offers Face to Face and online sessions.  

With over 20 years’ experience working in Education and Learning & Development, as well as a workplace trainer, Carmelle is passionate about ongoing education and has observed how small increments of change can positively impact organisational culture. 

Carmelle has developed and facilitated highly interactive training materials and courses around personal effectiveness and leadership. Her flagship modules around Effective Feedback, High Performing Teams, Managing Conflict and Having Difficult Conversations, are an engaging mix of ‘light bulb moment’ theory; together with plenty of time for practical application.      

Her warm and open personality, sets the tone for participants to be upskilled through quality learning opportunities that are meaningful and relevant, drawing upon their existing experiences.  

Following each training session, Carmelle hosts a brief follow up for participants where key concepts are revised and ‘start commitments’ evaluated and discussed. This vital piece results in the maintenance of an individual’s knowledge and ultimately leads to the building of confidence and capacity back in the workplace. 

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