Bec - Senior HR Strategist & Industrial Relations Lead

Bec  – Senior HR Strategist & Industrial Relations Lead

Bec Schroeder is a Senior HR Strategist and Industrial Relations Leader with The Proven Group, a business founded on the premise of mutual success.

Bec has had extensive experience in Human Resources and Industrial Relations in various Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), manufacturing and construction environments. With senior management experience Bec is known for her clear and honest communication, and ability to work through the ‘tough’ assignments.   Making a positive difference to the organisations and people Bec has worked with has permeated her career.

Bec benefits small to medium businesses in a HR Consulting role by introducing and supporting them in Industrial Relations Negotiations and Dispute Resolutions including Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA’s), Unfair Dismissal Negotiations, Labour Optimisation to reduce costs and get the most efficient use of your current labour force, and Performance Improvement Processes.

Having successfully negotiated over 12 EBA’s, usually with multiple unions involved, Bec is able to deliver on the highest priorities for the organisation.

Coupled with extensive experience in Industrial Relations, Bec strives to bring people together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders including the organisation, the owner(s), and the team.

A self-motivated, resilient Business Partner, Bec is always searching for opportunities to improve workforce planning, labour optimisation, and negotiate issues to a win/win solution to ensure the best outcomes for her clients.

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